"hands down the best soup i have ever tasted! every time i have served this i have received rave reviews.Definitely something to serve when you are looking to impress!"

- Sandip (Amanora Group Pvt. Ltd.)

"I got my fresh button mushroom of TBA this morning! wow they look lovely and were perfectly shaped, and had great texture. can't wait to cook them tonight."

- Sandip (Amanora Group Pvt. Ltd.)

"My order was perfect. The Mushrooms were very good and exactly what I was promised. I will be ordering again soon. Thanks, "

- Sandip (Amanora Group Pvt. Ltd.)

"we have eaten a lot to know you have excellent quality range of products and i have recommended you to many people."

- Sandip (Amanora Group Pvt. Ltd.)

"I like mushrooms, but it is not possible for me to go hotel every time i want to eat them. so i tried the ready to eat products of tba Paneer Mushroom, Mushroom Pulao, Mushroom Capsicum, Mushroom Fried Rice,Mushroom Fry. They were extremely easy to make with mind blowing taste.I loved them all. Thanks a lot..."

- Sandip (Amanora Group Pvt. Ltd.)

Our Services

We work closely with our customers to produce the best products possible.
In the Indian market, TBA is a well known industry in producing and supplying fresh mushrooms, ready-to-eat/canned/frozen mushrooms & other vegetables. Whether sliced or diced, our vegetables are a staple ingredient in the curried dishes, pizzas, soups, sauces and entrees of many of India's leading prepared food manufacturers, restaurants and in thousands of homes across the country.

At TBA, we have vast experience in assisting many of the food companies and restaurant chains in developing customized toppings, side dishes, and curried dishes – each to match their own individual requirements. And our large fleet of trucks stand ready to meet your needs across India.

TBA's Food Service staffs stand ready to assist you in every way possible. Call us or send an e-mail. We will respond immediately.

Sales & Service

TBA's products are available in a large number of stores and it has a visible presence in almost all the major cities across the country. We have plans to penetrate in other geographical regions, and also in smaller towns.

TBA People are at any time at your service. TBA delivers exceptional products and service. Being one of the larger mushroom grower and food processor in the country, TBA offers a highly experienced sales and service team. We deliver you the products, when you need them. Our sales and support personnel and R&D team are passionate about our products and exceeding your expectations. TBA People are committed to meeting the highest standards in quality and service.

TBA's Sales & Service staffs stand ready to assist you in every way possible.
Call us or send an e-mail. We will respond immediately.

Farm To Factory Service

We work closely with our suppliers to supply the best Raw Materials possible. Our major RM suppliers are farmers, who supply us agro wastes, fruits & Vegetables. We provide vegetable seeds, spent compost to the farmers. Our Agronomists guide the farmers & monitor the day to day developments at the farms for implementing the GAP(Good Agricultural Practices) up to the harvesting & transporting of the vegetables to our factory. We get the best quality fruits & vegetables from the farmers after implementation of the "Farm to Factory Scheme".

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